Welcome to your new media platform dedicated to the NFT projects of your favourite blockchain: Cronos.

As well as loads of NFT Giveaways that we regularly organise for our readers and social media followers, and daily tweets so that you never miss out on breaking news about your favourite blockchain, this is where we’ll be publishing regular interviews with NFT projects teams of the CronosChain.

The idea of our Medium is to enable you to learn as much as possible about new projects, and to dig even deeper into older projects of the ecosystem. By following us, you’ll have access to all the information you need to carry out your own research before investing, all in one place.

As it’s no longer 2017 the NFT projects now need to lead the way to stand out by adding collections bit by bit, by always offering more features like staking and ROI for holders for example, so we’ll also be giving updates of project interviews that we’ll have already received to see if promises have been kept, how they’re evolving, the new features they added and the new opportunites for the community.

Our Telegram (https://t.me/NFTCronos) & Discord (to be announced soon) will bring our community together, the #NFTcronosTeam. This will be the meeting point for all those who want the latest NFT news about Cronos first. This is where we’ll share the information intitially, and we’ll organise exclusive events like giveaways, bounty programmes, live interviews (AMA). Everyone can share their NFTs, opinions, tips, advice and forebodings about the NFT ecosystem of Cronos.

Finally, our Twitter account, which you already know, remains our entrance allowing us to reach as many people as possible, expand the #NFTcronosTeam and let the Cronos ecosystem get to know us. You’ll continue to find our regular NFT Giveaways in partnership with the CronosChain teams, our tweets and retweets with up-to-the minute news of the latest projects as well as older ones.

Whether you’re a NFT believer or just curious, an art collector, an investor or speculator, NFTcronos is your number one Media NFT on Cronos.

What’s up Cronos NFT World?